Abbie Cornish

Abbie Cornish

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Also known by her rap name MC Dusk is an Australian actress and rapper. Following her lead performance in Somersault. She is best known for her film roles as Fanny Brawne in Bright star. Sweet peak in Sucker Punch and Lindy in limitless.

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Just like any other 24 year old, she likes breaking the rules and almost a month ago the sassy model got up in some mischief frolicking around the bush baring nothing but her sexy bikini body. How cool is that. Her tiny boobs were all over the place with her small depressed ass stealing the show.

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She posted a picture of her escapades on Instagram, writing in the caption. ‘When someone tells you not to do something you want to do it anyway. The blonde farm girl from Hunter Valley never studied drama full time. But now, thanks to her sex scene debut in Somersault (2004). She’s causing viewers to do somersaults in their pants full time. The film has Abbie mistaking sex for intimacy, but there’s no mistaking her sex appeal.

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This was the first time her nicely shaved wet pussy caused guys sleepless night. She also tried to seduce some guy with her not appealing side boob, and as failed terrible. We really hope Abbie Cornish will do some breast enhancement work on her boobs. We need to see her nipples sturdy and cute.
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