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The Story of Spazy Spazlport

spazy spazlport uncle
spazy spazlport’s uncle a drunk farmer
Spazy Spazlport was born into a hog farmers family in Tijuana, Mexico. Whore house capital of the world. In his young adolescence life Spazy got diagnosed by the local doctor called “Pigs Jump Walls & Borders”. Spazlports’s family wanted to get rid of him being a outcast to society. So they never talked to him much and just wanted to use Spazy, as another worker for their family business. Of course it was fine with Spazy because he loved eating pigs… not.
Price Winning Jennifer Lawnmower
The beautiful price winning pig Jennifer Lawnmower
When Spazy’s mother caught him fist banging the family’s price beauty pig Jennifer Lawnmower. She said its enough and cant handle it anymore. She grabbed Spazy Spazlport to Mexico City and dumped him on some Buddhist missionaries. Who felt bad for young Spazy and took him back with them to the land of Amerigo Vespucci.

When Spazy Spazlport Broke Into The Entertainment World

spazys pig farm
spazy’s wife allowed to have fun with only the finest piggy’s
After over paying University Spazy was ready to settle down. As a active Buddhist and pro cocksman it didn’t take long before Spazlport acquired his first wife, the exquisite Mangaletor crazy bitch. And as you would think, happy ending is not what Spazy was after.
budhist monks
Spazy Spazlport learned the ways of the Buddhist monks and meet the Shaolin Grand Masters
As one day Spazlport came home early from taking care of his beloved pigs. To his finding Jennifer Lawnmower reading a OMG! magazine. Immediately, Spazy did not give a fuck and had to kick his wife out and start posting scandalous stories. Of all these attention wanting so called celeb sluts. For his own likening and humiliation while making money, offering something free for his fanatic followers!
spazy wife
he knew to find a white girl as a wife because his Mexican females will get really fat and ugly
Spazlport made it a re-carnation crusade to avenge Jennifer’s death who got destroyed by the poisonous Drunken Desperate Housewife Show celebrity culture. So Spazy took his computer and moved to his beach shack. Where he could focus on becoming the paprazzi he wanted to be. And be featured in big city publications like New York Times, and reincarnated all the Shaolin Buddha kung fu masters to form the gossip site altareva.ru. Then as others mention Spazy now the Master. Since he made Nene Leakes his bitch and his own Desperate Housewife show! There you have it haters and now I’m the Master.
in memory of the grand master that knew it all

As Featured on

the guardain - altareva.ru - neneleakes This old and ancient sun god loving publication thought that Spazy did a good job. Making Nene Leakes Atlanta's house wife his little bitch. So they made a wonderful article about it. The Guardian
bravo tv - altareva.ru - nene leakes The Bravo TV channel opened about Nene Leakes and Spazy being amazing at making new shows and her new HSN cooking show or some sort of crap. Anyways it was nice of them to mention the new desperate house wife. Bravo
eonline.comEonline thanked Nene Leakes and sent their best regards when she was injured on Spazy's pig farm, however she didn't listen probably thought he was cheating or something and needed to get hospitalized but its all good now from all the support and NENE is safe and sound. Even tough Spazlport told her to never go around the farm it is dangerous. Eonline.com
NJ.com The New Jersey Newspaper site showed off all the talented Hollywood actors in Dancing With The Stars show and Nene Leakes was nominated and for that Spazy made sure to she thanked her dance fans for getting all that publication and great dance training prior the competition. NJ.com