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Amberleigh West is an American actress born in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA. She is popularly known for The Last Movie Star (2017). We first noticed the diva after she starred in a video that showed how sexy eating mores can be. Interestingly, the sexy ass actress has now teamed up with her photographer. So she can show us some truly sultry pieces of her bikini body.

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You can definitely tell from the posses and the quality of the pictures. That indeed she has mastered the art of posing for erotic boudoir pictures. Without alerting the buzzkill social media censors. Her sexy areola is something I have always fantasized about. Sometimes I imagine her siting at the far end of my room. With her side boobs looking sexily stunning as always.

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She skateboards around fully topless somewhere public while flashing that hot bikini body and an amazing round ass.


The thought of smashing Amberleigh West bombshell of a human being has always been coupled with the idea of sucking those perky nipples. Unfortunately, her butts are not that attractive consequently making her loose some good points. Furthermore, I don’t like how they sag. But hey she still scores some good points in a clean nice shaved pussy and nice boobies. She has a clean shaved pussy that is ever wet even in her pictures. Amberleigh West enjoys walking topless thanks to her round suck-able boobies. If only we had such female models on the runway, we would always pray for a nipple slip every other day.
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