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Amy Wren is a British Actress best known for Wuthering Heights and U want Me 2 Kill Him. Born and raised in the village nobody taught her to take proper photos of herself.  Amy has a bikini body but not that photogenic. She is one of the Celebes I know who have never had a problem engaging in sexual scenes in her movies. The brunette has a tiny body with little boobies.

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She is seen in one of the pictures here from the Last Kingdom taking a shower in a river. She is heavy with a baby without any clothes on. Her tits are out of control with rare display of the magical sideboobs. As usual her tiny ass was still missing in action. She has never been proud of her butts. If she was given a chance to change something about herself, she will definitely choose to change those butts. They are my arms size. These don’t even have any sexual appeal. All in all, we hope Amy’s boyfriend is happy and that is what really matters.
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