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Anna Friel is an English actress born in Rochdale Greater Manchester. She is popular for portraying Beth Jordache on the British Soap Opera Brookside. The brunette also a mother, has never been shy of showing off her bikini body. Even tough we much prefer some Salma Hayek over her. But Today we are therefore treated to some sultry pictures of Mrs Anna.

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Like other women her age, her boobies are already starting to sag while her nipples which used to be perky are no longer sturdy. She hardly shaves her pussy and always loves it bushy. The mother of two loves walking topless at the beach with her sagging boobies’ lying close to her chest.

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Her butt is no longer attractive anymore. And to be honest I can only sympathize. With the idiot that taps this woman every single night. However she does have a tight pussy it seems, with a great looking bikini body.
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Anna Friel should definitely rethink about throwing her body around. She is no longer the 24 year old that gave young boys and girls sleepless nights
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