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Anna Paquin is a New Zealnd –Candaian-American actress. She is known to be the first millennial to have received an Academy award nomination for acting and the first to win. This is especially true whenever she is getting laid. She can moan better than Angelina Jolie while riding that ass better than any famous celeb slut.

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The beautiful blonde has never been shy baring it all in sex scenes. She doesn’t have cute sets of boobs. Nor are her nipples perky. But she definitely knows how to use her sexy bikini body. But here are the Bellevue (2017) picture take outs.

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The true blood actress also like keeping her pussy shaved coz she definitely features in so many sex scenes and this way we can get to see her pussy well. Anna Paquin teeth look like Aomi Muyock ugly ass mouth. She doesn’t have nice side boobs either, but after watching her getting smashed. I am certain you will fall for her tight pussy. Not because of her looks but because of her bed game.
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