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Berta Vazquez is a Ukrainian Spanish actress also a singer and some modeling. She started her career as a dancer then moved to performances and finally to music. Just like many famous people out there. She does everything to become popular in the industry. Just so she can remain relevant. She is the less sexier Nathalie Emmanuel who is just smoking hot.

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Berta has never been shy going topless or even baring it all in a movie scene. Well I agree she has some sexy features such as a sexy ass that goes with her round large boobies. She has an amazing bikini body and donโ€™t even mention those perky nipples. They drive me crazy whenever she has a nip slip scene.

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Berta is so hot that she even ladies her the hots for her like in the movie Locked up. She has a tiny ass that curves up really well whenever she is getting shagged. The other thing I love about here is that she keeps her pussy nicely shaved and clean.

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That is one thing that turns me on. Berta Vazquez has the potential of becoming a mega porn star and we hope in future she will try this as her videos can really sell like crazy.
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