Chris Brown

They say in life, “It’s All about Packaging” well Chris Brown has ensured his bulge is nicely packed. With his sexy black eyes and chiseled hot body, the “Gimme That” artist is among the latest celebrity to join the long and growing list of Armature sextets who texted hot pics of their Penis only to have them going viral on the internet. In case you are still wondering, he is having a really long cock hence you may finally realize what Rihanna was talking about when she sang “Rude Boy Are You Big Enough,” Born Christopher Maurice Brown in 1989 in Tappahannock, Chris is a recording artist, actor and a dancer. He was a member of the church choir and other talented local shows before signing in with Jive records in 2004. After his first release the following year which did very well “The Take you Down” artist has been doing very well with every hit that he releases. The 26 year old is not new to scandals, as in the year 2009 he received so much media attention after he assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna. Rihanna too had her ass pics which apparently she was sending to her then boyfriend Chris Brown after the iCloud hack. Chris is still making sure we keep his name in our mouth by going Sisqo on us completely. He not only dyed his hair blond but followed Sisqos quest of the internet by letting his celebs photos all over the internet. He also had a video leaked where he is seen standing all celebs in front of the mirror. He claims the pictures were from his side chick Aloni. Apparently, word on the street has it he sent the celebs pics to Rihanna after assaulting her hoping for a reconciliation mmmmmh so he is truly a Rude Boy but considering the size of his penis, guess this is something to consider.
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