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Christa Miller is known for her extraordinary acting in shows such as Seinfeld and The Drew Carey Show. Not many people know that this sexy lady started out as a child model for Wonder Bread. Yep, you guessed it.

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She’s certainly a MILF. Which is ironic because she gained fame quickly after appearing in Cougar Town. She once flashed her nipples in a rare episode of Scrubs. Basically her bra was see through and you could see her pink bits from a mile away.

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It’s no secret that her boobs are the most attractive thing on her body. Some say that one look at Christa Miller and her sexy pussy will have you drooling all over the ground.

Cute Christa Miller Bikini Sighting On Beach

She’s not afraid to show off her nice ass for the camera either. Which is why we love her so much. Her tits really do speak for themselves.

Various Christa Miller Red Carpet Photoshoots

It’s always a fun time when we catch her topless out and about. Christa Miller is incredibly clumsy which means more nipple slips for the horny guys out there.
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