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Chrysti Ane gained her fame by playing the pink Power Ranger in Nickelodeon’s hit TV show. She managed to snatch an acting role in a movie called “A Housekeeper’s Revenge”.

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Not many people know this, but Chrysti is also a health and fitness teacher for many young women. Chrysti Ane was once caught walking around the city in a see-through top.

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You could see her perky nipples from a fucking mile away. But after all, Chrysti Ane is known for her random nipple slips.

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Chrysti Ane loves to get topless before going for a public beach swim. Personally, all women should be allowed to be without any bikini tops in public.

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I don’t blame her, with tits like that she deserves to show them off however she wants. She’s also got a pretty decent ass on her as well. I wonder if her pussy is as good as her boobs look. I guess we’ll have to find out!
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