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“Who am I? Just guess! Guys want to touch my chest its Eliza Dushku hot leaked pictures time!” If you don’t know where that’s from, you live under a rock. Bring It On like Kirsten Dunst was and still is a cult movie classic that continues to satisfy with it’s stereotypical depiction of sexy cheerleaders. And the most nu-stereotypical one of them all, Eliza Dushku. As a chick that plays many rebellious teens in Hollywood, Eliza wins at being the sexiest, most bad ass chick both on and off the screen. These images only prove that more.

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From her role as Missy in Bring It On to her role as Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eliza has a certain hot, punk vibe that makes her so irresistible. She’s always telling bitches off and is never shy about her sexual preferences, making her the ultimate woman. But really, aside from her attitude, her body is banging. She has the greatest tits out of all the chicks you’ll see, so perky and hot. And that ass is so great, both of which she never minds showing off. But the real money maker is her pussy. So wet, so tight. She looks like a goddess compared to the other celebrities.


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