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Heidi Montag is a celebrated American television personality, an author, a singer, and a fashion designer. She is one of those celebs who got bit with the fake butt. How ever sexy Julianne Hough was jealous over the blondes tits because she try to fuck her husband.

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Her boobs are huge and fake. But hey, I am not complaining. Just saying she walks with too much silicon bags under her sexy bikini body. Her perky protruding nipples are damn beautiful.

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But I have always had that paranoia that the silicon bags might just burst on my face when I suck such. Crazy huh?

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Heidi rarely goes topless. Maybe she is also paranoid that her big titties might just fall ha-ha. Anyway, she has a perfectly sized ass. Imagine banging her and all her goodies are bouncing. We are yet to be graced with her tight pussy but there are so many fake ones on the internet.

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Make sure you have taken time to admire Heidi Montag’s side-boob. They are so amazing given the side of her huge jugs.
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