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Kim Tae-Ri is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her role in The Handmaiden and in Mr. Sunshine. When you see Kim in the movie β€œThe Handmaiden” you’d think it was minor acting the lesbian scene.

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The Korean babe claims that it was tough for her to feature in a full-frontal scene. Well, she doesn't seem like she's struggling in her topless body as her boobs rub against Kim Min-Hee. Their nipples rub each other turning them on, you'll notice that it's more like they enjoyed it.

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It is hard to believe that all the pussy grinding was fake, their moans make you believe that at least their clits touched. Anyway, we love what we see, perhaps they'll ask me for a threesome.

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I would gladly bang the hell out of her pussy slit. The 29-year old has a sexy bikini body and that ass compliments her slender body. When you look at Kim Tae-Ri you'd actually think she's a teen or something he-he.
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