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Sexy ass Kristina Asmus is a Russian theatre and movie actress. She is popularly known for her role in the medical sitcom Interns. This gorgeous thing was named the sexiest Russian Woman of 2010 by maxim magazine.

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Unfortunately for the sexiest Russian woman alive, her saggy boobs look like grocery bags. Her nipples appear to have spent so much time in Chernobyl. But again this is the best that we could pull out from Russia.

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In this one scene, the ladies are the Sauna and they show off more than we had bargained for. Fat pussies with saggy boobs. A few of them have bikini bodies. We are however grateful that these babes went topless just for us.

Stunning Kristina Asmus Red Carpet Photoshoots

I can assure you if this scene was shot in the U.S. These hotties would have been licking those wet pussies. We still haven’t seen enough of Kristina Asmus. Be guaranteed we shall be updating you with more of her sluttish pics and videos.
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