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Laura Harrier is an American model and actress. She is best known for portraying Liz Allan in Spiderman: homecoming. This is a very attractive and beautiful young woman.

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Laura said that the modeling industry was unapologetically racist. back when she was beginning her modeling. I mean, couldn’t they see what a hottie with a sexy bikini body this babe has. I bet they are wondering why they let this brown sugar go.

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Clearly those agencies didn’t know what they were doing turning down those gorgeous boobs. Perhaps they didn’t think she would have been willing to show off those hard brown nipples.

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The babe even went ahead to pose a full frontal body pic and we get to see her shaved pussy. The sexy Laura Harrier has a great ass, it’s not big but it’s worth checking out. The 29-year old will leave you wondering how such a gorgeous lady even exists.
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