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There was no way I was going to conclude my pieces for today without mentioning Pokimane. For all its worth, hot Youtubers are now taking the internet by storm and she just got us all jerking. Also called (Thicc) because of her fat ass, she has always ensured her audience get their fair share of her ass.

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Whenever she is running one of her shows. Where majority of her audience are usually 40-year-old virgins who wank to get that sexual satisfaction. And have never touched a real woman pussy. Pokimane is indeed endowed in her posterior, and she also has that cute cosplay anime looking eyes.


Too bad I still don’t find her boobies super attractive. Given Pokimane is twenty-two years old, she still has many years to go for a boob lift up. Or just simply pull an Zoie Burgher on everyone and become a cam slut. She also has a nice voice and pretty face. Unfortunately, when she’s wearing tights her hips are just big as hell, they make her look like those moms on cartoon movies.
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