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Stop the presses. Hold the phone. Calling all men and women. Oh my god, have we got probably the most popular hot chick among all genders. Ruby Rose is probably the sexiest, finest woman on the planet, male and female approved. I mean, her confidence, that accent, that ass, those tattoos. I’m not sure if it’s one thing or a mixture of everything that makes her so hot, but I am floored by how amazing she really is. So is scandalous hacked images that float around the internet.

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Okay so Ruby Rose has the best ass in the world. I mean, seriously, what is she doing to get that ass. Is it because she’s a Australian actress (because that country tends to produce some seriously hot chicks)? And those tits. I mean, shes a skinny, fit woman, and her boobs are just perfect for her body. Especially since the rest of her is covered in sexy tats.

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Plus, let us not forget that she is a lesbian like Hyland’s hot scenes are juicy, which automatically just makes her even hotter. I’d love to watch her and her fiance banging because I bet it’d be sexy as fuck. How could anyone not love those pictures of Ruby Rose? Check ’em out again or if you like the latest celebrity trash then Emily Ratajkowski’s photo shoots leaked and official ass, you won’t regret it.
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