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Vida Guera is a Hot Sexy Cuban American Model Her Titties Are even Better

Model Vida Guerra is one celebrity who has rose through stardom through her massive bum. She made the most of what she had, parlaying a few photos in FHM into a full-blown career as a magazine model. What does a girl do when she’s gone as far as she can with Maxim and FHM? She goes full Monty for Playboy. The issue was one of the best-sellers of the 21st century. She is loosing fame to new competition Camila Cabello who is loved by Cuban people and that ass! Vida Guerra was born in March 19 1974. She is a Cuban born glamour model who made her first notable appearance in the U.S edition of FHM magazine in December 2002 after which the magazine reported that almost a third of their mail was demanding more photos of her. Truth be told, she has got a hard body that was built with a lot of hard work in the Gym and blessed with a lot of natural God given curves. Her boobies are also juicy my oh my Girl is blessed. Of course not as mainstream like Jennifer Lawrence Hacked Hot Photos but we think since she is a Latina that she is way more sexy and hotter then Jlaw, with that ass she has it is just something you can not mess with.


Reading any further just goes to prove what kind of horny perverts you are. I will not be held liable for anything that happens to you. Well, here’s the weird thing about this bodacious goddess, she is 40 no signs of a boyfriend or the rumors told are true she likes to share her untamed glory with rappers.
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